Jonathan's Travels in Australia and in India


Jonathan s ailed for Australia, May 25th 1881, on the Cotopaxi and arrived in Melbourne after a voyage of 44 days.

His agent in Australia had arranged appearances at all the leading theatres (except in Adelaide) where Jonathan took the main roles and was supported by the resident companies.

He was also concerned to present theatre to audiences away from the cities, and travelled 'up country' where he experienced somewhat primitive conditions.

He sailed from Melbourne in October 1882 on the Verona but instead of returning to England, cut his juorney short and spent the next five months performing in India.

His appearances in both Australia and India had received great popular acclaim


Australia Handout

Theatres in which Jonathan performed

In Australia:

In India:

Calcutta: the Corinthian Theatre, the Theatre Royal and the Dalhousie Institute


A complete list is to be found in the book

Jonathan Dewhurst - The Lancashire Tragedian.