Jonty Dewhurst

Percy Jonathan Dewhurst

Jonty Dewhurst aka Jonty Dew

Signed 'Jonty Dew'


Born 25 August 1889, he was generally known as Jonty or P.Jonty.

Married the actress Vera Grafton. They had one son, Ronald.

Jonty’s grand-daughter, Kathryn, is closely involved with the ‘Dewhurst story’ and runs this website.

Jonty died 17 February 1955.

Jonty's Stage career
Jonty was a very experienced and capable (if at times somewhat eccentric) character actor who excelled in comedy roles and who spent his career in provincial rep.

Much of Jonty’s stage work was for companies run by the ‘leaders’ of the rep movement: Leonard Harrison, Harry Hanson and Frank Fortescue.

Anecdotes about him indicate that the private person may h
ave been very similar to the public man.


Jonty as playwright
Between 1927 and 1956 Jonty wrote many plays which were successfully performed in the professional theatre; these include:

1927 Mrs ‘Arris
1928 The Snatcher aka 'The House on the Moor'
1936 Dying to Live (with Mary Stafford )........ aka 'She did it for Money' and 'Married on the Means Test'
1946 Families Supplied
1947 Have Twins and Like It
1952 Boy Wanted aka The Cosh and the Woman
1956 No Home of Their Own (with P. Jones Blakey)

P.Jonty Dewhurst Jonty in one of his many roles