Harold Brotherton Dewhurst

image of Harold Brotherton Dewhurst

Harold in 1928

In a photo sent to Vera and Percy he writes, 'not too old at 40'.


Harold was born 15th March 1887

Married to the actress Eva Ballard.

They had one son, Harold Jonathan born 23 December 1911.

Starting in London with small parts, Harold’s career was almost exclusively in provincial rep, often in the same companies – and productions – as his brother Jonty.

Harold in 'Night Must Fall'

The play is a psychological thriller written by Emlyn Williams in 1934 and first performed in 1935.

The play is based on the Fox murder case (son sets fire to mother for insurance).


Harold Brotherton Dewhurst in later years

Harold Brotherton in Later Years


Compared with the rest of the family, we have had great difficulty in getting many details of Harold’s life and career.

However we do have a few details:

Harold had one son, named Harold Jonathan Dewhurst. Upon the break up of his parents marriage the boy went to live with his maternal grandparents. Grandfather Ballard was the local baker, and HJ trained as a master baker before joining the RAF

Harold Jonathan married Eleanor M. Morris in 1938

He died in 1945 in Martley as a result of wounds caught in the war. He is commemmorated on the War Memorial situated in St John the Baptist Church in Suckley, Worcestershire, and lies in the churchyard.


Harold Jonathan Dewhurst

Harold Jonathan Dewhurst


Harold J's Soldier's Grave in the Churchyard at Suckley


Harold Jonathan and Eleanor had four children: