William Henry Bostock Dewhurst – Filmography

1934 Blossom Time

starring Richard Tauber.
William played the role of an opera singer.

1936 Sabotage

… aka Hidden Power, The (1936) 
… aka I Married a Murderer (1937) (USA: reissue title) 
… aka Sabotage (1936) (USA) 
… aka Woman Alone, A (1937) (USA)
starring John Loder, Sylvia Sidney and Oscar Homolka.
William played: The Professor, aka A.F. Chatman, and the Bird Shop Owner/Bomb Maker

1937 Second Bureau

…. aka Deuxième Bureau (1936) ‘Second Desk’
starring Charles Oliver, Viviane Romance
William is not credited anywhere in this film

1937 The Green Cockatoo

… aka Four Dark Hours 
… aka Race Gang (UK: reissue title)
William appears as a Train Passenge r

1937 Bulldog Drummond at Bay

starring John Lodge and Victor Jory. William played Reginald Portside

1937 Dark Journey

… aka Anxious Years, The (1937)
starring Conrad Veidt, Vivien Leigh, Ursula Jeans, Cecil Parker. William played the role of the Killer.

1937 The Windmill

starring John Laurie, Hugh Williams. William played the role of Monsieur Asticot

1937 Dinner at the Ritz

starring Annabella, David Niven, Francis L. Sullivan.
William played the role of Devine

1937 Non-Stop New York

…aka Blood Oath (1937)
starring John Loder, Anna Lee, Francis L. Susivan.
William played the role of Mortimer. 

1937 Toilers of the Sea.

William played the role of Landois.

1937 Victoria the Great

starring Anna Neagle, Anton Walbrook. William played the role of John Bright.

1938 Sailing Along

starring Jessie Matthews, Roland Young, Alastair Sim. William played the role of Winton and died during the filming

1940 21 Days 

… aka 21 Days Together (1940) (USA) 
… aka First and the Last, The (1940) 
… aka Twenty-One Days (1940) 
… aka Twenty-One Days Together (1940) (USA) 
Starring Vivien Leigh, Laurence Olivier and Leslie Banks.William played the role of Lord Chief Justice
Although released in 1940, the film was made in 1937.