Marriage and Family Life

Jonathan was married three times.

Jonathan’s first wife was Margaret Mary Taylor, a dressmaker from Lowton.

  • They married on August 13th 1859 in St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church Wigan.
  • Jonathan was 22, and Mary was 20.
  • It is of interest that Margaret’s brother Joseph, a master cobbler, married Jonathan’s sister Rebecca in September 1861.
  • There is no record of any children from this marriage.
  • Margaret died in on October 3rd 1874

Jonathan’s second wife was Elizabeth Ingram,  a widow.

  • They married on February 4th 1878 at Wigan Parish Church. 
  • They had three children, all of whom died in infancy.
  •   Elizabeth died on February 3rd 1885.

Jonathan’s third wife was Frances Clara (Fanny) Rivers.

  • They married on 16th August 1886.
  • Fanny was the actress daughter of Henry Joseph Rivers and Frances Rose (Fanny) Morelli.  Both parents were on the stage, as were their three sons, Charles, Robert and Alfred. 
Jonathan and Fanny had four children:
  • Harold Brotherton b. March 15th 1887
  • William Henry Bostock b. March 11th 1888
  • Percy Jonathan b. August 25th 1889
  • Daisy Adelaide b. March 13th 1891

All three sons followed their father into the professional theatre.

William’s career was mainly in London and (in the 1930s) in films.

Percy Jonathan (known as Jonty or P.Jonty) and Harold acted mainly in provincial rep, but Jonty was also the author of quite a few plays, all of which were performed in the professional theatre from the 1920s into the 1950s.

Less is known about Harold