Biography – His Career

Jonathan was one of the great tragedians of his time. The driving force in his life was the theatre, which he saw as a great educational and civilising force.

His mission was to present good drama and the highest standards of production to as many people as possible – to spread his message as much to the worker in the Austalian outback as to the audiences in the palatial theatres of Melbourne or Sydney, to the provincal audiences of industrial Lancashire and the sophisticated play-goers of Drury Lane.

  • He specialised in Shakespeare and in the popular dramas and melodramas of the day.
  • He appeared on the London stage on numerous occasions but always returned to his northern roots.
  • Toured Australia and India to great popular acclaim.
  • Ran his own touring company for several years in the north of England.
  • Toured with some of the great actors and actresses of the Victorian era.
  • Managed the Theatre Royal in Leigh for 18 years.

Jonathan Dewhurst – The Lancashire Tragedian┬átells his story against the background of the Victorian theatre. It is a tribute to him and also to the many unsung heroes of the stage without whose contributions the theatre would not exist.