Frances Clara (Fanny) Dewhurst (née Rivers)


Jonathan Dewhurst and Fanny Rivers

Jonathan and Fanny

Fanny was born 16th May 1859 to Henry Rivers and Frances (Fanny) Rose Morelli.

Both parents were actors and Fanny Morelli came from a theatrical background.

Fanny Dewhurst’s three brothers were actors and two of them had, as children, been members of the Children’s Pinafore Company, which performed in London and toured the provinces.

Both parents travelled with the company, as did Fanny, and all three frequently performed in support of the main production.

Fanny had been on the stage from an early age and was a very accomplished actress.

After meeting Jonathan, she joined his touring company and they married on 16 August 1886.

Although she loved acting, Fanny was willing to let the stage take a back seat when they moved to Leigh, to enable her to perform the role of wife and mother.

William, Percy Jonathan, Harold and Daisy Dewhurst

Jonathan and Fanny's four children: William, Percy Jonathan, Harold and Daisy.

Like Jonathan she took the opportunity of performing with visiting companies when suitable plays were on the bill.

Fanny died 26 April 1912.