Jonathan Dewhurst
The Lancashire Tragedian
Shakespearian Actor

1837 - 1913


Jonathan Dewhurst was a major figure on the Victorian stage, a renowned tragedian and Shakesperian actor, who shared the stage with such greats as Henry Irving and Wilson Barrett.

The career of Jonathan Dewhurst encompassed success in major roles on the London stage, running his own touring company, and managing the Theatre Royal in Leigh for eighteen years.

To great popular acclaim Jonathan Dewhurst toured extensively in Australia and India.

Jonathan fathered three sons, Harold, William and Percy Jonathan, all of whom made the stage their career. Jonathan's daughter Daisy trod the boards as a child, but did not follow her brothers into the theatre in adult life.


Fanny Rivers was Jonathan's third wife. She was an actress in her own right who came from a theatrical background.

William Henry Bostock Dewhurst was a successful actor of both screen and stage.

Percy Jonathan Dewhurst acted extensively on Tour and is also the author of many plays.

Harold Brotherton Dewhurst the actor

Daisy Dewhurst acted as a child, but not as an adult


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